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homemade yogurt

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt the Old-Fashioned Way
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Culture Time 8 hrs
Servings 1 Quart


  • Pot
  • Jar
  • Coffee Filter
  • Rubber Band
  • Food Thermometer


  • 1 Quart Milk (skim, 1%, 2%, or Whole) Do Not used Ultra Pasteurized Milk, Pasteurized or raw is fine
  • 2 Tbsp Yogurt Starter Culture May use plain yogurt with live and active cultures


  • Add 1 quart of milk to a pot and heat on the stove on medium heat to 160o F to 180o F or until the milk starts to climb the sides of the pot.
  • Reduce heat slightly and hold temperature for 20-40 minutes
  • Cool to lukewarm at about 110o
  • Stir starter culture. If using dehydrated culture, add and let sit 5 minutes before stirring in.
  • Pour into jar and cover with coffee filter secured by a rubber band
  • Set in oven with only the oven light on for 7 to 10 hours until set
  • Refrigerate for up to one week
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